Contract research

Delta Phenomics combines a longstanding expertise in behavioral pharmacology and neuroscience with a unique automated behavioral testing and data analysis platform. We offer qualified staff and excellent facilities to execute a variety of contract research projects.


We know that the development of an idea into a research plan can be a challenge. Delta Phenomics can help you with setting-up study protocols and enhancing the quality and throughput of your behavioral experiments at your location, using your own disease model and equipment.

We are proud to announce our partnership with WIL Research, a leading global CRO in the pharmaceutical, chemical and agrochemical industries. Through this partnership both companies strengthen their in-vivo preclinical drug development services.
Check our latest publication in Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2014): Reproducibility and relevance of future behavioral sciences should benefit from a cross fertilization of past recommendations and today's technology: “Back to the future” by Spruijt et al
FENS 2014: July 05-09 (Milan, Italy) Measuring Behavior 2014: August 27-29 (Wageningen, The Netherlands)